Our chiropractic adjustments are hands on adjustments. Our practiced professional chiropractors will guide you through a great, safe, and pain free adjustment.


Chiropractic adjustments can help you in many ways. When your spine and posture are out of alignment it can activate hormones in your body that send it into fight or flight mode. This can cause added anxiety and stress. There is also added strain and work in your body when your posture is out of alignment. You may have limited mobility and movement depending on where your posture and alignment are. Getting adjusted will actually help with all of these. You will feel immediate relief after getting adjusted. With some regular visits, hard work, and self attentiveness we will get you to feel your best.

How it’s Done

Chiropractic adjustments are done at reset on a chiropractic bench. Dr. Reed will evaluate your alignment, and then direct you how to position yourself through a series of adjustments. It is painless and completely safe. 


“I first went to reset, because I had really bad lower back pain that went down through my legs. I no longer have the back pain, and found that I had pain I didn’t even realize I had until it was gone. Not to mention that they have an excellent staff that genuinely care about each and everyone of their patients.” RS