Getting Enough Sleep?

Recently sleep has been all over the news, and for good reason. Insufficient, high-quality sleep doesn’t just make us tired; it muddies clear thinking, depletes energy and increases irritability.

Beyond that, though, recent well-documented studies have shown that the quality and quantity of sleep we get impacts our mental and physical health in even more profound ways, increasing the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even dementia.

photo of man sleeping

It’s hard to go to sleep and stay asleep if you have pain or hyperactivity in your nervous system. Spinal adjustments function to relieve pain and tenderness by restoring normal movement, thereby relaxing the muscles, ligaments and tendons in your back and neck. The decrease in swelling also takes pressure off your nerves and spinal cord, further facilitating relaxation. Chiropractic adjusting is more effective than pain pills or muscle relaxers because it corrects the cause of the problem and doesn’t just treat the symptoms.

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